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T?? D?L? M???????

“What the heck was that?!” I gasped as I tried to compose myself. I looked around, trying to remember what was happening and where I was. She had just appeared. Why is that? I must have been hallucinating, I thought. There’s no way she can still be alive. I even saw her—

The thought ended there as I began to sob. After three years, I thought I could still see her. That memory is still fresh in my mind; what the air smelled like, what was around me, what took her from me — it still feels like I was at her funeral yesterday…

A creak from behind me jerked me back into the present. I let my hands slip into my pockets, trying to find anything that can let me see where I was. I finally found a flashlight. Relieved, I turned it on, expecting to find my house, all in order, with Mom and Dad sitting at the table, doing the taxes. I got the complete opposite.